week 4 — 2014-10-25

week 4

The importance of sketching 

As communication design student is necessary to understand the importance of sketching when they learning and design work.

Have you ever had an idea for a website, design book or application? Yes, I have. For me it’s easy to come up with the idea, and collect a lot of inspiration, but the hard part is how to use these ideas in our design. This is where sketching is useful. Sketching can help you put the idea and inspiration that you collected to try to behave in your design.

When I finish watching the video called


From: Web Design Fundamentals with James Williamson 


I realized that the sketch is suitable for everyone; every creative person and even those who are not into design work might have used a pencil or a pen and a paper at some point of their work process. Sketching is especially beneficial during the early stages of design. It gives you more freedom to illustrate what’s in your mind on paper than on a computer.

No matter where you are, a pen and a notebook can record something that you need. Who knows, you might just find notable ideas as you go. On the other hand, your pen and sketchbook in hand can be a great communication tool. Through rough sketches or just showing up your sketchbook, you can easily describe what you do and the creative process what you think.

 Overall, The sketch is very important for the designer. It help you to keep your idea, by allowing you to continue developing; and gives you Clear thinking, more ideas, let you eventually work conforms to the requirements.

week 3 — 2014-10-20

week 3

Remix culture

Remix culture is a social network that all people having the opportunity to by reference to the characteristics of different works to form their own style.

Look from the creation way, social network reduces the threshold of the creation, so that make a large number of “micro-creation” and “collaborative creation” possible.In front of the network popularization, the creation main body are professionals, so the number of right subject and stability in the controllable range. But after using social networking, all users are available at the same time become the creator and disseminator. The user can modify or adept existing works also can be published online or comments to the creation of new works.We can say that the creators of social networks is no longer a professional identity, but a common feature for all users.

Look from the mode of transmission, Social network expands the channels of communication, by allowing the contact object generated by the social network users to specify, sowing range would be due to the increase and the number of users forward and share into mass communication.

Overall, Designers can find resources from social networks, get inspiration from the resources and make a new work. Using social networks to spread out the work so that more reference for designers. This is a good cycle for designers, because nobody starts out original. We need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding. After we’ve grounded ourselves in the fundamentals through copying, it’s then possible to create something new through transformation. Taking an idea and creating variations. This is time-consuming tinkering but it can eventually produce a breakthrough.

Everything is a Remix: http://everythingisaremix.info/

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq5D43qAsVg

week 2 — 2014-10-13

week 2

Cultural probes means to collect user information through an indirect way, it is relatively straightforward way.



The Flickr “Designing Cultural Probes and Design Probes”, is a useful content found on the internet bringing good examples of cultural probes.

The cultural probes package includes maps; postcards; camera; photo album and media diary, and these are as a means of gathering inspirational data about people’s lives, values and thoughts. These methods can be drawn from the following benefits: The first, Designers and users can build a relationship, Contribute to the design out of something closer to the user ‘s needs. Next, can get richer by sharing ideas inspiration and information, this means that to get inspiration from a lot of information. Last, Different ways in probe provide different perspectives, Try to use a different way to learn.

       Cultural Probes – Qualitative Contextual Design Research


Whether artists-designers their ideas openly subjective, only through an objective way to analyze. Therefore, the use of cultural probes tool to collect information about users’ ideas and to get inspiration from.

According to the article they gave the probes to members of the elder groups in a series of meetings at the local sites, they decided to present them ourselves to explain our intentions, answer questions, and encourage the elders to take an informal, experimental approach to the materials.

Through this group of elderly probe author’s recognize, strengths of the probes was in sparking a dialogue between them and the elderly. They learned a great deal about the groups in discussing the materials. This is close to the user as a good way to derive clearer and more comprehensive information to understand the user’s mind.

Overall, in my opinion the cultural probe is suitable for early stages of the design process, allow us to understand and get inspiration from the collection to get information. 

week 1 — 2014-10-06

week 1


Google began advertising based on user behavior, and based on user interest in advertising.

Site-Targeted Ads

Interest-Base Advertising

Let users to choose their own interests and characteristics, and then according to the users own advertising platform voluntarily submit information to filter, customize and push ads.

One of Google’s ads preferences is such an edit users interested in range of tools, also can use it to open, disable, or block certain advertisers of advertising.

Below is a Google video is a detailed explanation about this model.

Ads based on user behavior (Site – Targeted Ads), through the user local browser Cookies file to collect user information, the user is translating, he/she is a what kind of person, may be interested in what kind of Ads, to Targeted users browse places, send in the future he might be interested in advertising, so as to enhance the precision of advertising.


(Users just click on the “X” icon will no longer see the ads in the series)

 It implements the control of ordinary users for advertising.

 In the initial stage, Internet advertisements its model is to use extensive display, such as direct distributing leaflets on the street or highway billboard, someone put the advertising to a fixed page, who to see. Such as some large portal user visits information website is used a lot of time to purchase pattern, based on user behavior and interest advertising compared with traditional advertising, after all, it is the advertising push on to who might be interested in.

week 0 —

week 0


Logo for Addison Lee


There is a useful call taxi app called Addison Lee, The main use of range in London.


After used for a period, it is concluded that the following points.

4  4

Enter the first page, require personal information. Facilitate future use.

1  2

It is clear to see this app is combined with Google map. Precise positioning your location and you can move the map to select any point to pick you or drop off.


And then,when you finish the details. You can click ‘GET QUOTE’ on the below, after click ‘GET QUOTE’ can be seen in the below picture.


It shows the price in the picture, and you can see the pick up time, then you just need to click ‘BOOK’ than you will receive a message and an email that means you finished your order.