Google began advertising based on user behavior, and based on user interest in advertising.

Site-Targeted Ads

Interest-Base Advertising

Let users to choose their own interests and characteristics, and then according to the users own advertising platform voluntarily submit information to filter, customize and push ads.

One of Google’s ads preferences is such an edit users interested in range of tools, also can use it to open, disable, or block certain advertisers of advertising.

Below is a Google video is a detailed explanation about this model.

Ads based on user behavior (Site – Targeted Ads), through the user local browser Cookies file to collect user information, the user is translating, he/she is a what kind of person, may be interested in what kind of Ads, to Targeted users browse places, send in the future he might be interested in advertising, so as to enhance the precision of advertising.


(Users just click on the “X” icon will no longer see the ads in the series)

 It implements the control of ordinary users for advertising.

 In the initial stage, Internet advertisements its model is to use extensive display, such as direct distributing leaflets on the street or highway billboard, someone put the advertising to a fixed page, who to see. Such as some large portal user visits information website is used a lot of time to purchase pattern, based on user behavior and interest advertising compared with traditional advertising, after all, it is the advertising push on to who might be interested in.