Cultural probes means to collect user information through an indirect way, it is relatively straightforward way.



The Flickr “Designing Cultural Probes and Design Probes”, is a useful content found on the internet bringing good examples of cultural probes.

The cultural probes package includes maps; postcards; camera; photo album and media diary, and these are as a means of gathering inspirational data about people’s lives, values and thoughts. These methods can be drawn from the following benefits: The first, Designers and users can build a relationship, Contribute to the design out of something closer to the user ‘s needs. Next, can get richer by sharing ideas inspiration and information, this means that to get inspiration from a lot of information. Last, Different ways in probe provide different perspectives, Try to use a different way to learn.

       Cultural Probes – Qualitative Contextual Design Research


Whether artists-designers their ideas openly subjective, only through an objective way to analyze. Therefore, the use of cultural probes tool to collect information about users’ ideas and to get inspiration from.

According to the article they gave the probes to members of the elder groups in a series of meetings at the local sites, they decided to present them ourselves to explain our intentions, answer questions, and encourage the elders to take an informal, experimental approach to the materials.

Through this group of elderly probe author’s recognize, strengths of the probes was in sparking a dialogue between them and the elderly. They learned a great deal about the groups in discussing the materials. This is close to the user as a good way to derive clearer and more comprehensive information to understand the user’s mind.

Overall, in my opinion the cultural probe is suitable for early stages of the design process, allow us to understand and get inspiration from the collection to get information.