Remix culture

Remix culture is a social network that all people having the opportunity to by reference to the characteristics of different works to form their own style.

Look from the creation way, social network reduces the threshold of the creation, so that make a large number of “micro-creation” and “collaborative creation” possible.In front of the network popularization, the creation main body are professionals, so the number of right subject and stability in the controllable range. But after using social networking, all users are available at the same time become the creator and disseminator. The user can modify or adept existing works also can be published online or comments to the creation of new works.We can say that the creators of social networks is no longer a professional identity, but a common feature for all users.

Look from the mode of transmission, Social network expands the channels of communication, by allowing the contact object generated by the social network users to specify, sowing range would be due to the increase and the number of users forward and share into mass communication.

Overall, Designers can find resources from social networks, get inspiration from the resources and make a new work. Using social networks to spread out the work so that more reference for designers. This is a good cycle for designers, because nobody starts out original. We need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding. After we’ve grounded ourselves in the fundamentals through copying, it’s then possible to create something new through transformation. Taking an idea and creating variations. This is time-consuming tinkering but it can eventually produce a breakthrough.

Everything is a Remix:

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