The importance of sketching 

As communication design student is necessary to understand the importance of sketching when they learning and design work.

Have you ever had an idea for a website, design book or application? Yes, I have. For me it’s easy to come up with the idea, and collect a lot of inspiration, but the hard part is how to use these ideas in our design. This is where sketching is useful. Sketching can help you put the idea and inspiration that you collected to try to behave in your design.

When I finish watching the video called


From: Web Design Fundamentals with James Williamson 


I realized that the sketch is suitable for everyone; every creative person and even those who are not into design work might have used a pencil or a pen and a paper at some point of their work process. Sketching is especially beneficial during the early stages of design. It gives you more freedom to illustrate what’s in your mind on paper than on a computer.

No matter where you are, a pen and a notebook can record something that you need. Who knows, you might just find notable ideas as you go. On the other hand, your pen and sketchbook in hand can be a great communication tool. Through rough sketches or just showing up your sketchbook, you can easily describe what you do and the creative process what you think.

 Overall, The sketch is very important for the designer. It help you to keep your idea, by allowing you to continue developing; and gives you Clear thinking, more ideas, let you eventually work conforms to the requirements.