The relationship between print and digital publishing

In the new media age, visual communication nights have been given more space for development, it is no longer a mere manifestation of the plane, more three-dimensional, thinking manifestations appear rich visual representation of existing elements.

By reading Post-digital print: a future scenario learned moving more and more content from print to digital, we seem to be approaching an inevitable turning point, where the publisher will soon launch more than print and electronic publications. A key factor in this development is that electronic publishing is becoming as simple as a traditional publishing – not only for producers, but also due to the new interface, the habits and practices of consumers as well.

Traditional print publishing, on the other hand, increasingly showcases their products valuables and collectibles, through the use of physical and tactile quality of paper. For example, there are many famous novels are limited print edition, which is a new means to attract consumers. If you combine the two with each other, using a variety of new and old media without ideological ties to them in any particular burden, certainly will have the ability to develop new and genuine hybrid publication, by creatively combining the best good standard and digital and print interface.