Pick 2 information or data visualisation from this website: http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/

The first example is Underground Map Redesign by KickMap.

Comparing the Official Underground Map and the KickMap London, (Images: 1) the KickMap on the whole more readable, full of information. We can see the right of the images 1, Background combined with maps, let people more clearly understand to each station. I think it is very suitable for tourists.

(Images: 1)


The station symbols compared (Images: 2) the top images more intuitive in detail, Compared with the bottom images, the top images given more accurate icon is displayed rather than the abstract, and readability is stronger.

(Images: 2)


In the images 3, as we have seen, the KickMap found the geographical errors on the official underground map, and corrected.

(Images: 3)


The second example is Lyrical Cartography designed by Neal Peterson.

 737_big01  737_big02


  The project description is the Artist, designer, and musician Neal Peterson has visualized an entire album’s lyrics as a conceptual map. As he explains: “Lyrical cartography is a system which reorganizes and connects lyrical content for the purpose of producing an alternative, visual interpretation.”

  483 words are alphabetically arranged around a circle and tied by a profusion of lines with nine different colors, representative of the nine analyzed songs.

  The first feeling when I saw this image is messy. All sorts of color of line interlaced together makes the pictures very messy, unable to concentrate on some point. Make me bored.

  As you can see on the picture below, although here gives the meaning of each color represents, but I still can’t understand from the picture of the author want to convey meaning. Perhaps my thinking is different, maybe others can understand.