Data Visualisation 1 workshop


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Image 3

These three images of my group work from Data Visualisation 1 workshop. The image 3, I used the Photoshop add some text to make my installation clearer. We want to present that the cost of the college students in China and the UK.

There are five cost types were compared. (Tuition fee, Accommodation, Canteen, Shopping, and Transport.) As you can see the image 1, we use disposable cups to show the difference, similar to the form of bar graph. Blue stands for consumption in China, and the green stands for consumption in the UK. In this data visualization I think we have 3 points need to improvements, the first point is we have not to give a title to show, we need to give a title to show our purpose more clear. The second point is the background; we should use the blank paper. The last point is that if we use some coins or paper money to expression data it would be great, but we don’t have enough money at that time.

After reading‘’ Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies‘’I have learned that layout is one of most important aspects of graphic design.

Layout design of the size, spacing and position content. Includes details of trademarks, titles, images, text, and so on. Effective layout is crucial to help people quickly find what they are looking for, as well as look visually appealing. Effective layout can make the difference between design, users immediately understand that left users confused and disoriented.

Layout is like in your living room. When you enter the living room, you might experience room, sitting comfortably on the couch. Room should be pleasing to the eyes. But if things are going to be disturbed, you will never again enter the living room. Same with your design. Users enter your design, is easy to pass and to understand what it is . . .

The following is I think a good layout design:

Designed by Natalie Shau

1. Designed by Natalie Shau

Who’s Jack Magazine Designed by SAWDUST

2. Who’s Jack Magazine Designed by SAWDUST

Minimal Publication Layout by - Robert Moxon

3. Minimal Publication Layout by – Robert Moxon

Creative Layout spread by - DHNN

4. Creative Layout spread by : DHNN  

  1. Increased interest and relevance to make font typesetting associated with pictures. A strong sense of visual impact.
  2. Use the geometry grid to layout is easy to attract attention. Single tone keeps simple style.
  3. Use a different color and not unified layout reflects the focus point.
  4. Use double tonal reflect the overall level.