We had a study trip to London Science Museum. We visited an exhibition: 3D printing the future.

The exhibition’s theme is how to use computer data into physical 3 d printers that can change your life. Displayed on the wall of the exhibition space includes 600 print objects reveals the 3-d printers how to stimulate creativity and groundbreaking design. The visual impact is strong. This was my first contact with 3D printing; its exhibit attracted me.




Some touch screen for visitors to interact, for some applications in the 3 d printing of detailed information. And a video shows how to create a 3 d printer.

This show focuses on the industry’s future, medicine, and the 3-d printing will change your shopping experience.

For example:

1. Lighter and more efficient fuel saving aircraft components in your flight

2. Replacement body parts–from those who have used today, may 3-d printing organs of the future

3. Open source robot, the Carpenter, Richard Van as a consumer to replace his missing fingers.