During this semester, we have 6 tasks in Design 1, including culture probe, visualizing ideas and concepts, data visualisation, deep user study, ideation & information design and example pixel-perfect mockups.

In all these works, I was the most satisfying work is task 3 the data visualisation. In this task, I use the knowledge learned from the reading week. First of all, I choose the data that I want to design,then draw many idea sketches and choose two best ideas from these idea sketches. After meeting with tutor, according to the instructor’s advice modified shortcomings and choose an idea make a black and white poster. Through by printing the black and white poster in class, I learned a lot of knowledge from other students work, but also I realized some of my work on typography in the font issues. For example, visually the first felt attracted to the largest font, giving a misleading sense of it is the title.


Through these suggestions to modify my work, from start sketching to finally complete the work, I enjoy this test and I learned that the poster is simple and attractive. The main purpose of the posters is to communicate a clear message through pictures and effective words. An effective poster catches your eyes and attention. First of all, make poster visible and readable. The information present in the poster should be clear and accurate. Select fonts that are easy to read. Make sure the color and the size of the fonts do not overlap each other. Finally, I have finished this task work, and I’m satisfied with this task.


The task I feel especially difficult was doing user experience map. I am particularly difficult task is the user experience map. I didn’t have a clear understanding before the start, about a sketch made a little confused. I focus on creating maps of different styles. I didn’t show my target user journey, from which the problems and how to give a solution.


After meeting with tutor, I realized that I misunderstood this task, I according to our group interview, investigation to determine use crowd and narrow range makes people more specific.

For me, I think all of these weekly readings and video are conducive to my understanding of each task and influence my project. For instance, Week 6 and Week 7 readings. Firstly, the Week 7 this reading lets us know what is a good visual renderings, and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses the work of other designers. Followed by the Week 8, the summary group work in the class, also analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, and learned more about what is a good visual layout.

In summary, I learned and gained a lot of knowledge in this semester, especially task 3 the datavisualisation. I have learned that the poster is a simple and attractive. The poster‘s main goal is to use images or fonts to convey a clear messageAnd a good poster encourages audience to stay and explore your content.