After I read an article and a short video about the affordance.

I still don’t understand the meaning of this word.

So I was looking on the Internet for relevant information to help me to understand what it means.

Affordance that’s not a very common word in the digital design world. Functional visibility is a term that describes the relationship between human and object. Supplies were possible when an object exhibits action can make it; It’s not referring to the attributes of objects or people, but the implicit function can make one of the project. The most common example is a teacup. Its physical shape means that you can keep it, you can put the things, you can drink.

What are the affordances of a contemporary smartphone?

I found a good example to explain the problem.

False affordance in iOS7

Apple’s decision to change the Visual state something so trivial Shift-broke Visual affordance to bring the whole experience was horrible for everyone. This simple change actually is a very good example of false supplies because you pressed the Shift key on your keyboard, and you know it’s changed because of the button it changes. However, you don’t know whether the letter is not capitalized.


Current iOS 7 Keyboard



Alternative iOS 7 Keyboard


Digital interface while TV, iPhone or a laptop computer, creating a Visual Designer stores is a conscious choice. Number does not depend on the physical properties of different elements, as you can see, it’s all literally. No help from gravity, shadows or other physical properties of numbers is a serious drawback. Even worse is that supplies design is not often mentioned. More often than not, supplies are growing up when there is a clear lack of iOS7 example. In order to become a better designer, we need to recognize that played an important role in the provision of Visual design, we need to pay close attention to it. ‘S goal is to not make supplies no matter what kind of design you while vases of flowers or mobile phone application menu.