Critical Design takes a critical theory based approach to design. This kind of design uses speculative design proposals to challenge assumptions, conceptions about the role of objects play in everyday life. 

Critical Design could enable designers and users to devise products and systems with radically different roles and functions. Critical Design focuses on studying the impact and possible consequences of new technologies and policies, and of worldwide social and environmental trends, as well as on outlining new goals and areas of interest for designers. I think what makes design critical is the ability it has to not only engage the viewer, but to provoke further thought and inquiry.

Here is an example of critical design.:

This video called Critical Design – Surveillance + Privacy by Philip Bridge. In this video, it is an analysis of future Surveillance + Privacy.Designing a solution that is not ‘comforting’ but still relates to the user. Makes the viewer think, and discuss the topic in hand. Could this happen? Is this the future?

Shows clear data and analyze the problem and solutions are given. This is a good analysis of the direction and methods。

I think this is a good analysis of the direction and methods.