During the class, we had a workshop with Luke from Kin Design.

In the class, we make a smart vending machine model by combined our systems.

About this vending machine model, we design lets this machine can keep the food warm and cool, and adjust the temperature you prefer. With a CCTV camera to monitor your health, and also incorporates fitness app you can get free food by exercise records. Of course, before you get food, you also need to finish you choose foods that corresponds to the steps. So let us steps for free.

team work-1

Group system model

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Combining with other four systems in our elephant group, I invention four different objects with my system, climate control.

Climate-Controlled Clothing Keeps You at the Perfect Temperature

Swelter no more in the summer heat only to shiver once you enter a store blasting its AC. The new ClimaWare line of clothing by India’s Dhama Innovations keeps you comfy no matter what the thermometer says. Designed to flip from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius at the push of a button, the clothing and accessories feature eight levels of heating and cooling to cope with unpredictable weather, extreme temperatures, and hostile environments. In addition to helping soldiers stay toasty in subzero conditions and keeping cows cool enough to produce more milk, the technology could also be applied to control bleeding in a medical emergency.


(source: http://www.libelium.com/smart-city-urban-resilience-smart-environment/#!prettyPhoto)

The technology at play here is an adaptation of the Peltier Effect, which occurs when electricity is run through two different metals connected to each other: One metal will become cool, while the other metal will become hot. Vistakula’s nano-based technology uses that effect inside those puck-like inserts on the vest above. Thermoelectric materials that touch the skin either heat or cool your body; it’s your choice. The pucks are placed at points where sweating is low, but blood vessels are very dense — in other words, the most efficient places for regulating body temperature.