week 30 — 2015-04-26

week 30

The Speculative Design Project Examples

Curious displays

The one of my favorite video is called Curious displays. The reason I love it is that I can understand the content without checked the text.

Traditionally, displays are fixed-size/ratio surfaces that provide an entry point to a defined experience with digital media content. This content is varied–informational, filmic, auditory, at times even spatial. However, the relationship between the user and the digital entities within the defined surface of the screen creates a sense of fragmentation between two distinct spaces. The virtual space of the screen provides a surface for media content to come alive, but is a distinct and marked separation from the physical space that the user occupies.


The other reason I love it is that this video based on the voice and image show the story,It makes the video quite interesting.

Beyond Blood

About this video it makes me confused. After watching this video,for me this video shows too much data and information and not very intuitive product.

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