My system is thermal thermostat (climate control).

Using thermal sensors to detect the body heat, according to subtle changes in body temperature to adjust the room temperature.  It keeps you stay at an appropriate temperature all the time.




With the increasing living standards, more and more families began to install air conditioning and heating equipment, these devices bring the comfort of living, but also brings a highly electricity bill. Such tremendous power, not only expensive electricity bills, it is also a huge waste of energy.

Energy conservation issues that need attention. How to solve this problem? After research on currently available products, Nest does very well in energy saving. The Nest solve the problem of energy waste is by learning and recording.



I wonder if there are other ideas that would make the system more intelligent and more energy-efficient?

In the beginning, I have been struggling in the wrong direction, but after I watched an animated film called Big Hero 6. In this film, the Medical robot gave me inspiration. This Medical robot is equipped with internal scanners and sensors able to detect and evaluate the threat posed by life forms in the immediate vicinity.


(Big Hero 6)

Then, I started to search for the human body temperature sensing system. To understand how heat transfer can be managed through design, I have to understand how the human body produces heat in the first place and the factors that affect thermal comfort (heat balance).

Another inspiration by the Omron D6T, which is able to switch off lighting and air conditioning by sensing the body heat, and this technical support my conceptual design. So I design let the thermal sensor combination with climate control.


The KIN DESIGN studio gave me some feedbacks, the first one is when people sharing a room, but different people have different preferences on temperature, how can I solve this issue? The second one is the issue about the temperature difference of adults and children.

After they gave me the feedback, I searched some relevant information. Human body temperature is a measure of the body’s ability to keep, generate, or get rid of heat as the need arises. The body is very adept at maintaining temperature within a narrow and safe range, despite occasional huge variations in the room temperature, but some bodies are more efficient than others. Even bodies of the same height and weight may differ dramatically in the ability to maintain body temperature. The issue about the age related factors affecting body temperature, normal body temperature for healthy infants is in the range of 36°C to 37°C. It is the same with the range of normal body temperature for adults. Talking of different gender, adult women have a slightly higher normal body temperature than adult men. It is also observed subtle fluctuations among individuals.

Through the understanding of the research about these issues, I haven’t found a way to solve them.



normal human blood pressure


age related factors affecting body temperature