FMP WEEK 39 — 2015-06-26



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I research and inspired by primary school students‘ drawings and their favourite cartoon characters to create one story of a myopic girl’s trouble.


FMP WEEK 38 — 2015-06-19


The modern rise in myopia mirrored a trend for children in many countries to spend more time engaged in reading, studying or — more recently — glued to computer and smartphone screens. This is particularly the case in East Asian countries, where the high value placed on educational performance is driving children to spend longer in school and on their studies.

Based on epidemiological studies, Ian Morgan, a myopia researcher at the Australian National University in Canberra, estimates that children need to spend around three hours per day under light levels of at least 10,000 lux to be protected against myopia.

Keep Myopia away, go outdoors and play! Our eyes are precious, we must take good care of them.

Outdoor Activities

  • We teach good health practices such as ‘Keep Myopia Away, Go Outdoors and Play!’
  • Children enjoy outdoor play once every week.
  • Children get to release their energy in a positive way!
  • Their motor skills are improved.
  • Children take note of safety when they are playing outdoors.
  • They help to look out for each other – developing alertness, cautiousness, and care for their friends.

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FMP WEEK 37 — 2015-06-12


A most beautiful book about a budding librarian and his journey towards knowing, loving, and enjoying a life filled with books. It’s magical – illustrated lovingly and lavishly, and accessible to all ages. It’s so simple, it can be given to a two-year-old and an octogenarian and they’ll both find something to enjoy.
This book is large format, and the soft cover version doesn’t stand up to being manhandled by Royal Mail.

A young lad who would rather draw than do math, spell, or gargle finds the perfect outlet for his always-on imagination in this manifesto to creative joie de vivre, featuring a book within a book, from the brilliant minds that brought you The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

This book encourages you not to give up as you are pursuing your goals and dreams, because you never know where it will take you. BILLY’S BOOGER also highlights that not everyone may like what you do, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find an audience. Billy did, and the same can be said for anyone out there who won’t take no for an answer.

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Loved the inclusion of the hand-drawn comic from the author’s childhood. A funny and unique memoir including a genuine childhood artifact, and I loved the message- sometimes work created and acclaimed within traditional boundaries is not the most interesting or useful to an audience.

Merry Go Round is a mixed-reality interface, in which a carousel-like platform carries a set of wooden figures from the physical world into a game running inside a tablet, bringing them back to the physical world again by further rotating the platform.

Wooden statue of operation for very young children and play with them and work at the same time, the character of the game. Along the interaction, the user in the face of different problem solving situation, with the help of they can solve the wooden character.


FMP WEEK 36 — 2015-06-05


My investigation target is Chinese primary school student (age 6 to 12), Based on the research question, I had an interview with some different grade of a primary school student in China. The interview tried to find out whether the students are paying attention to the myopia issue and using e-book to read. Besides, it conducts the persona of few interviewees. The result shows that lower grade students have limited time of using e-book.